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eMental Health Platform

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Information Design, UX

Problem –

Youth with addiction and mental health issues in Alberta are experiencing barriers to access to the right services, lack of knowledge of supports available, and increasing wait times for services.

Opportunity –

Implement an electronic mental health (eMental Health) platform in Alberta for youth to manage and track their mental health on a single platform. eMental Health and the use of online mental health help seeking apps has proven to be clinically and cost-effective, with high rates of usage.

Research –

We conducted three workshops in collaboration with the Social Impact Lab with youth and service providers to understand users’ current mental health experience in Alberta and the opportunity for eMental Health interventions.


Workshop 1: To gain a clear understanding of the current experience for youth, I worked with a service designer to develop an initial journey map using existing data. The map was used for service providers to provide feedback on the user journey map based on their own understanding of how users navigate the mental health system.

Workshop 1: Journey Map Story Version represents two personas and their current mental health experience. The green line represents user actions, blue shows interactions with their parents, purple with school personnel, and the shades of red shows touchpoints with care providers and their channels. Details obscured due to non-disclosure agreement
Workshop 1: Journey Map Results. Details obscured due to non-disclosure agreement

Workshop 2: We used the feedback gathered in Workshop 1 to revise the journey map and asked service providers to identify the problem, opportunity, and How Might We questions for each phase of the user journey.

Workshop 2: Future State Journey Mapping

Workshop 3: We used a focused conversation method with small groups of primary users to explore their current experience, digital behaviours, and ideas and opportunities for how the platform can improve their experience.

User Persona –
Current User Journey –

I developed a current state journey map using data gathered in the workshops. It was used to gain insights and opportunities for how the user experience can be optimized.


– Blue: user’s behaviours and actions
– Purple: interactions with supporting individuals
– Grey thought bubbles: user’s mindsets and emotions

Future User Journey –

I designed a future state journey map using the user data we collected from all three workshops, proposed functions of the platform (which will be based on the existing Innowell eMental Health Platform in Australia), and apps and e-tools that will be set up for a youth configuration. This journey map is being used to illustrate how a user would interact with the eMental Health Platform, how it would improve the user’s experience, and to get funding for implementation.


– Blue: user’s behaviours and actions
– Purple: interactions with supporting individuals
– Grey thought bubbles: user’s mindsets and emotions
– Green: user’s touchpoints with the eMental Health Platform
-Grey section at the bottom: the apps, online tools and resources that are recommended by the platform as well as the ones that are used by the user

Information synthesis to develop Future State Journey Map
Design Scope –

We are currently prioritizing the features and apps that will be included on the eMental Health Platform.

UI Prototype of the health summary dashboard based on key features of the Innowell eMental Health Platform in Australia
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