Human-Centered Design, UI, UX

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Human-Centered Design, UI, UX

Case –

Tasked with addressing one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals using a Human-Centered Design approach, I chose to address Goal 2: Zero Hunger.

Research –

I started with desk research, ethnographic design research and interviewed subject matter experts to fully develop a problem landscape. My research was largely focused on the challenges faced by individuals who are food insecure and the positive impact the Food Bank has on these individuals.

Opportunity –

How do we encourage companies to donate food they don’t sell to non-profits?

After arriving at my final How Might We statement, I participated in an ideation session with a group of designers where I brainstormed design solutions to encourage companies to sell their unused food to the Food Bank. The Food Bank currently employs independent truckers who pick up unused food from companies and deliver it to the Food Bank, however this still has not enabled certain companies to get involved.


This led to the opportunity to develop an app – Feed YYC – that eases the process of donating food to the Food Bank.

Sketching –

Knowing the basics of what elements was needed for each screen, I then started sketching ideas for the elements and features on the app screens. These wireframe sketches follow the defined user flow.

Final Design –

Feed YYC provides a quick and easy way for companies to schedule a time for donation pick up that is most convenient for them.


The app allows users to create an account for their company and schedule pickups of the items they are donating. The Food Bank simply uses the app as a scheduling assistant to coordinate their independent truckers to pick up donations from the company on the scheduled date and time.

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