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Human-Centered Design, UI, UX

Case –

I chose to address the topic of food insecurity,one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, using a Human-Centered Design approach. I participated in a facilitated ideation session to arrive at my final How Might We question.

Opportunity –

How do we encourage companies to donate food they don’t sell to non-profits?

Food insecurity is indicative of poverty and many vulnerable Canadians who experience a lack of access to healthy food, find themselves turning to charities like the Food Bank. The Food Bank assist nearly 900,000 individuals a month and relies on the food donations they receive from individuals, companies, and grocery stores. Stores donate food that have passed their best before date, however not all have the capacity to deliver food to the Food Bank. In response, the Food Bank employs independent truckers to pick up and deliver food to them, however this still has not enabled certain companies to get involved.

Process –

How do we encourage companies to donate food they don’t sell to non-profits?

After defining my problem statement, I started with desk research, ethnographic design research and interviewed subject matter experts to fully develop a problem landscape. I participated in a second ideation session where I brainstormed design solutions to address my problem.

Solution –

To encourage grocery stores in Calgary to donate food to non-profits like the Food Bank, my design solution is an app – Feed YYC – that eases the process of donating food to the Food Bank. The app provides a quick and easy way for companies to schedule a time for donation pick up that is most convenient for them.


The app allows users to create an account for their company and schedule pickups of the items they are donating. The Food Bank simply uses the app as a scheduling assistant to coordinate their independent truckers to pick up donations from the company on the scheduled date and time.


This app aims to reduce food waste, encourage companies to donate food, and support the Food Bank in providing essential services for Calgary’s vulnerable population.

Wireframe Sketches
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