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Case –

Countries around the world are taking action toward preventing and slowing down global warming. This User Interface design aims to highlight what countries around the world are doing through investment and the generation of renewable energy, as well as events that users can attend, to aid in the fight against global warming.

Opportunity –

I was tasked with designing the user interface of a website for users to learn more about renewable energy around the world by reading through easy-to-understand information and browse through data visualizations.

Approach –

My design process started with extensive research of websites that contain similar content as a way of immersing myself into to current trends. I also researched what information to include on this renewable energy website and what data the target users would be interested in. I created a moodboard with various user interface to inspire my designs, which was followed by pages of sketches of site maps and wireframes to develop the user experience of the site. This combination of research, interface design ideas and UX sketches was used to develop my final designs.

Design –

I designed the User Interface for the landing page for my proposed website: RenEn. The landing page featured information that users could read through, clickable drop-downs that featured data for specific countries, and a data visualization map where users could hover over countries to view data about their renewable emergency investment flows.

Opportunity –

I was also tasked with designing the user interface of a website where users register for an event using the same branding concept as above.

Design –

I designed the user interface for the event New Energy 2017. Users could browse through the event information on the event’s home page to learn more about the event. Users could then select “Book Now” to register for the event, where they are guided through steps in the registration process.


A key feature of the user experience of the registration process is the progress bar to inform them how close they are to completing the tasks, an always-active Back button to be able to navigate back to previous steps, and the confirmation page which verifies that the user has completed their task.

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