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Shatford Centre



Case –

Situated in the heart of Penticton in a heritage building is the Shatford Centre for Arts and Culture. The Shatford Centre strives to enhance creative entrepreneurship, community well-being and arts appreciation.

Opportunity –

After receiving ongoing complaints about the bad aesthetics of the existing website and users finding it impossible through the information on the website to find what they are looking for, our team decided that the website needed a complete redesign. Redesigning the website lended the opportunity for increased engagement from community members, improved marketing functions, a better user experience, and introducing an e-commerce feature which would replace taking bookings over the phone.

Approach –

Working alongside a web developer, we redesigned the Shatford Centre’s website using WordPress. My role was to develop the information architecture for the website and to design the brand new interface. We identified information seeking behaviours by engaging with key users to prioritize the information architecture and site structure.


We prioritized the functionality for viewing and signing up for events, registering for courses, and the articles page as these were identified as the core motivations for the website’s users.

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